Facebook finally starts rolling out dark mode on mobile

Facebook has finally confirmed that it is working on a dark mode for its mobile app and that the change is rolling out now. The social media giant’s desktop site has a dark mode to strip away the white elements of the app, but until now the mobile app has not followed suit.

Many popular apps have a dark mode these days, including Facebook Messenger, and Android and iOS even have full system modes to run what was white into dark shades that are easier on the eyes and, in the case of phones with OLED screens, save battery life.

SocialMediaToday spotted people reporting a new dark mode option in their Facebook apps and asked Facebook to confirm if the change was finally going global. The company said that the change was for “a small percentage of users globally right now,” so it’s still unclear when every user will get it.

It’s also not clear why Facebook has taken so long to bring the function to its app.

Undoubtedly many users don’t know or care about dark modes in general, but they have become a desired feature for many popular apps in tech circles. Keep an eye on the settings of your Facebook app to see if you’re one of the chosen ones.

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