Brews News: London Brewing Tarts up spring tradition with double-barrelled release

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Dad Club Cream Ale will have the organic component and at least 15 per cent local grains, grown here in Ontario.

The first Dad Club-branded beer from London Brewing, a Vienna lager, sold out in 18 hours.

Finally, the busy brewers have been working with the radio on to have Transmission IPA ready in time for Father’s Day.

Like Neighbourhood Tart, Transmission is a tradition and like Dad Club Cream Ale, it’s a fundraiser. The beneficiary is Western Radio, underlined by the spiffy purple cans.

“Radio Western supports local music, as does London Brewing with our live (now online) free local music programming,” Stewart said. “Western also offers broadcasting education courses through Radio Western and we want to support those things where we can.

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