London's Best DIY Dessert Kits For Delivery

You knead this: Shuk’s Bake-Your-Own babka kit

Not yet at the whipping-up-a-casual-Vic-Sponge stage of lockdown — but still reached the point where you want more interactivity from your desserts than the Iceland Party Food range can offer?

We’ve rounded up the restaurants, caffs, bakeries and market stalls sending out DIY kits to keep your hands busy and face sticky.

Doughnut Time – the Biscoff doughnut

The Biscoff is a sticky fist of dough, which you glaze with a thick layer of caramel, top with chocolate sauce, fill to swollen with Biscoff spread, and garnish with extra biscuits. If that sounds like it might be Too Much for you then it’s a certainty that it is: the description pales next to the gloopy reality.

You’ll need: maybe a shower after: this stuff gets everywhere.

How much: £20 for a kit, makes four doughnuts.

Delivery: free for orders of more than £30, delivery across the UK on weekdays only.  

Chin Chin Labs – the Griddled Cookie Dough mix

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This one’s more of a just-add-liquid style baking mix — think Betty Crocker pre-packs — than an interactive DIY extravaganza. So limited bespokeability, but brilliant and fairly idiotproof end result, and you can peacock to your heart’s content with different ice cream/sour cream/stuff-that-isn’t-even-cream toppings. Notable home efforts we’ve seen on Instagram include a fresh-from-oven cookie topped with a stiffly-whipped pile of Dalgona coffee.

You’ll need: vegetable oil and an oven, and any extra frills like ice cream you want to add.

How much: £8.95 (£1 from each kit goes to a charity supporting UCLH staff impacted by coronavirus)

Delivery: £3.95, across London.

Shuk – the babka

These Borough market stalwarts are doing a chocolate, hazelnut and cookie crumb DIY babka (and apparently a date, pistachio and dark chocolate version’s also in the works). More effortful than some of the glaze-and-go desserts on this list, but the payoff’s a kitchen that smells of freshly baked pastry and warm Tel Aviv evenings. Babka’s also quite high reward for the effort involved — looks ornate, but it’s actually within reach for anybody who can plait something.

You’ll need: an egg and an oven. Everything else (pastry brush, rolling pin, etc.) you can probably improv.

How much: £20 for one babka, or £32 for two, with free delivery.

Delivery: Free within the M25, with delivery slots available from Wednesday to Saturday. Delivery slots are made available online seven days ahead.

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The Good Egg – another babka

You know how it is: you wait years for a bake-your-own babka kit, and then two come along at once. This one takes a bit more effort than Shuk’s: more ingredients/equipment needed, more mixing and elbow grease involved. If you’re in it for the joy of baking itself, should be satisfying.

You’ll need: milk or milk substitute, a loaf tin, baking parchment, oven.

How much: £24 for one kit.

Delivery: £7.50, delivery slots across London.

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Where The Pancakes Are – the pancake feast box

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Pancake like a pro with these chilled kits, featuring everything you need for a big North American-style stack (though with the buttermilk swapped out for keffir). Each kit comes with the makings of the pancake mix itself, and a promisingly intense amount of toppings — bananas, bacon, blueberries and maple syrup. This is good DIY kit territory, being simple if you just want to follow the rules but still easy to throw big extra flourishes into if you’re feeling flamboyant.

*Peanut butter, is what we’re trying to say. You can add your own peanut butter.

You’ll need: bowl, pan — just the usual kitchen stuff.

How much: £29.50, makes about 6 servings.

Delivery: Delivery across London — price varies depending on location.

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